Packager (Certified Forklift License)

Value Edge Employment is hiring for Packager (certified forklift driver) in Etobicoke, ON.



The Packager prepares parts for shipment by doing a physical count (weigh) ofparts; completes Production Transfer for Sales Department to prepare necessary paperwork for shipments; enters count in computer system; assembles cartons and boxes; packages parts in appropriate containers ensuring correct labelling.  The Packager also assists in moving and storing of finished goods using forklift equipment if necessary; assists in the maintenance of the shipping/receiving/packaging area when required.



Duties/Activities  Involved

  • calculates piece count of completed parts for shipment by physically counting the parts using calculations from an electronic scale and records the amounts on Production Transfer which goes to Inside Sales Department for invoicing purposes.
  • packages parts from trays and barrels, in appropriate containers or to Customer’s specifications, seals and labels confirming correct designation to ensure shipments are routed to proper destination.
  • enters count in computer system.
  • assembles boxes and cartons manually, maintaining adequate supply of assembled containers to use in expediting the shipping process.
  • stores packaged finished goods in designated areas ensuring stored product is adequately protected and maintained.
  • performs housekeeping duties such as cleaning, sweeping, tidying, organising in the shipping/receiving/packaging areas to maintain a clean and safe work environment.


Education Required

  • minimum secondary schooling to the Grade 12 level.


Experience Required

  • some experience in packaging is preferred but not mandatory as incumbent can be trained on the job in a relatively short time.
  • familiarity with forklift and material moving equipment.
  • basic computer skills


Knowledge and Skills Required

  • mathematical skills to accurately calculate amounts, weights, measurements and to record data when necessary.
  • familiarity with weighing scales and computer.
  • attention to detail when performing piece counts and to ensure shipments are packaged and labelled correctly.
  • forklift certification and experience.
  • some decision-making and judgement skills required to determine acceptability of incoming goods and material.
  • works in compliance with the policies and procedures as detailed in the Quality Management
  • System Manuals and according to the Quality Requirements by Department.

Physical Demands

  • involves loading and unloading barrels, drums and trays entailing lifting and moving boxes up to 22 kg.
  • involves constant standing, sitting, walking and climbing.
  • frequent use of forklift truck which requires climbing in and out and manoeuvring.
  • assembles cartons on a daily basis which requires moderate physical exertion.

Mental Demands

  • involves constant visual and mental concentration when performing piece counts using electronic scale.
  • attention-to-detail required and concentration to ensure packages are labelled.



  • works in shipping/receiving/packaging area exposed to heat, noise, dirt and odours.
  • occasionally exposed to extremes of weather when shipping doors are open.
  • occasionally required to work to simultaneous deadlines to ensure shipments get out on schedule.
  • occasional exposure to hazards from using forklift equipment, moving and storing equipment.


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